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Archive Talk CDs on Bardo Training

Conscious Death and Dying

A listing of talks with EJ Gold and others centered around death and dying, spiritual growth and voyaging in the bardo,(between lives state).

Birthing Death

Death and Dying

Interview with Guests: Jerrigrace Lyons and Leslene della Madre

Conversations on Death: Dying in America

Death and Dying

Guest: Michael Meade, Marion Woodman, Rachel Naomi Remen and Sogyal Rinpoche

Death is not the Enemy

Death and Dying

Interview with Christine Longaker

Dharma Talks with the Dalai Lama


These Dharma Talks capture the Dalai Lama's personality and presence and represent some of his most valued teachings.

Learning to Die In Order to Live

Death and Dying

Interview with Stephen Levine

NHPCO's Audio Web Seminar CDs

End-of-life Care

A convenient and affordable way to get information on some of the hottest topics in end-of-life care.

NPR Report on Elisabeth Kubler Ross


Summarizes the life and work of this hospice pioneer

Transforming Grief


Interview with Guest: Alexandra Kennedy

Video Teachings by Sogyal Rinpoche

Tibetan Buddhism

Sogyal Rinpoche gives an introduction to meditation, and
explains the essence of the Buddha's teachings.