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A Death Plan


Hardly anyone makes a death plan, similar to a birth plan, saying what they would ideally like in terms of atmosphere and environment as they lie dying.

A Helpful Downloadable Resource for Caregivers on The Dying Process

End of Life Caregiving

The Dying Process: A Guide for Caregivers

A Special Report: Spiritual Care At the End of Life

End of Life care

Challenges for Hospital, Hospice, and Congregational Clergy

Being of Service

Spiritual Caregiving

Based on a talk given by Frank Ostaseski of the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco

Being with Dying


Contemplative Approaches to Working with Dying People
for the Death in America Project

End-of-life Issues and Care

End of Life Care

Psychological Issues to Consider When Exploring End-of-Life Decisions

FICA - A Spiritual Assessment Tool

End of Life Care

Here is an excellent article about the FICA assessment with links to other assessment tools.

Helpful Guidelines for Writing Research Paper and Poster Proposals


Good concise article which focuses on nursing proposals.

Initiating End-of-Life Discussions With Seriously Ill Patients

End of Life Care

Addressing the "Elephant in the Room"

In Search of a Good Death: Observations of Patients, Families, and Providers

Death and Dying

For patients and families, psychosocial and spiritual issues are as important as physiologic concerns in determining a Good Death.

Medline Directory of Recent Articles

End of Life

Listing of Articles regarding End of Life Issues

Music Therapy in Hospice and Palliative Care

Complementary Therapies

An academic review of music therapy as a treatment modality in hospice care.

Principles for Care of Patients at the End of Life

End-of-Life Care

An Emerging Consensus among the Specialties of Medicine

Unblocking a Malfunction in Consciousness


One man's view of what it means to wake up.

Volunteer Training Vigiling Guide


Procedural manual for volunteers attending at the final stages
of the dying process.