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A Multi-Cultural Selection of Prayers for the Dying


You would know the secret of death.

But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?

Anglican and Catholic Prayers for the Dying


Selection of Prayers

A Prayer for Preparing for Dying

Death and Dying

Here is The Natural Death Centre's ecumenicised adaptation of extracts from The Tibetan Book of Dead

A Prayer for the Dying

Death and Dying

Pagan/wiccan prayer for the dying

Catholic Prayers


Selection of Catholic Prayers for the Dying

Catholic Prayers and Devotions


Comprehensive Listing of Catholic Prayers

Clear Light Prayer

Death and Dying

How to do a reading for the benefit of someone who is dying.

Jewish and Hebrew Prayers for the Dead and Dying


Jews have always relied on Tehillim (Psalms) in times of trouble. For example, when a relative is sick, people often recite psalms for their welfare. Psalms can be found in any bible. Some psalms that are particularly appropriate at this time include Psalm 20, 23, 79, 91 and 123.

Prayers and Meditations for the Dying

Tibetan Buddhism

A discussion of what one can do to help another at the time of death.

Preparation for Death


Catholic practices for the time of Death

Role of Ritual at the End of Life

Spiritual Care

A very good description of different rituals, prayers and
practices for different religions and traditions at physical death.

Thank you.

Gratitude & Faith

Wake me when I fall.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayers and Practices

Tibetan Buddhism

One should not let a person die alone. Indeed, in several societies, there are people whose role is to provide this special service. They are not there in the capacity of ritual mourners, but to act as a companion or guide -- a kind of spiritual midwife.