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If you are reading this, that means you have stumbled upon this website during its developmental phase.

We are attempting the impossible. We are trying to create an easy-to-navigate, comprehensive directory of hospice and end of life services.

If you would be so kind as to lend a hand (or mouse click), we would appreciate your help. Please browse around. See if you notice any missing categories or misplaced sections.

Perhaps you could try a few categorization dry runs. What we mean by that is the following: consider a service or organization which you know about. Look for the section where you believe this listing should be posted. If you can not find such a section please let us know.

Making sure we have a place for everything is one of our first goals -- but it is not our only goal. In addition, we'd like to tweak the navigation to enhance its intuitive nature. To this end, we'd like to know of any examples of a listing for which you eventually did find a section for posting, but it was not in the first place you looked. Tell us that first place you thought it should be. Perhaps we can rearrange things to be more intuitive.

This is a give and take, iterative process. Your input can be of valuable assistance. Since you managed to stumble across the website during its development phase perhaps you were meant to help.

As mentioned briefly above, eventually we shall have a full system allowing caregivers and other interested parties direct access to post listing for organizations, services and knowledge related to end of life and hospice issues.

If you would like to be informed when the posting scripts are enabled so that you can either post your own organization or help enter postings for other organizations and services, please use the contact form below, or click on this link to access our contact form.

This website will be supported in full by sponsorships. We shall not be selling advertising or charging fees to those individuals and organizations posting listings.

Listings on shall be free. The site will be supported through the kind donations of sponsors.

Why sponsorship not advertising? Sponsors give from generosity of spirit, interest and a willingness to help. These are the attitudes we wish to nurture. Advertisers are marketers looking out for the bottom-line. This is not the best attitude for end of life issues.

It can't always be about what's in it for me.